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Happy St. Lucy Day!

Good things are worth waiting for- that is the message today as we celebrated the Feast of St. Lucy at our house.  It is the morning when all the candles are lit, and after getting Sarah out of bed with song, she lit our Christmas tree for the first time this season.  Breakfast of bacon ( of course!) eggs and pumpkin scones were shared by the lights of the tree, and the candles all around us. George Winston”s December CD  played in the background, music that always brings me back to this time of year.  All of our eyes contained bittersweet tears, knowing that next year, Sarah would be waking up in a dorm room on a college campus, and Tony and I would celebrate the morning without the joy of our three daughters, yet in the love of each other.

We started celebrating St. Lucy Day almost 18 years ago. It is a special day used to mark importance, to stop us in our tracks and  remind us to look for the sacred in the midst of our every day lives. Our holiday season seems to be taken over by constant commercialization. It is good to be quiet, to pause and soak in the light and love around us.

I struggled to wait for St. Lucy’s Day. I hosted two gatherings this month, including my gluten free cookie exchange last night when I was  tempted to light the tree. But Sarah kept telling me this was her last St. Lucy Day at home, and she didn’t want to be cheated out of the moment.

And what a wonderful, yet fleeting moment is was- before I knew it, the sun was rising, Sarah was finishing a paper for school, I packed her lunch and she was out the door.

As I sit and write this, the candles are still glowing and I can feel the warmth of of their light surrounding me. I know that what we have is amazing and special. Even if it was only a few moments together for breakfast before our beautiful Christmas tree, I know the moment will carry me through the day and remind me to bring light wherever I go!

On this feast day of light,  shine your light in the darkest corners of life and see what magic can happen in the moment!

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