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Happy St. Lucy Day

It is early morning on the 13th of December, and one by one, the votive candles are lit throughout the house.  A special breakfast of bacon and homemade scones grace the table and the smell of coffee fills the air.  St. Lucy’s Day is a holiday celebrated more in Europe, where usually the oldest daughter wears a wreath of candles in her hair or carries a candle through the house and welcomes all to the breakfast table.  It is often called “The Festival of Lights” so we use this day to light our Christmas tree.

Because it is so dark and early on this Sunday morning, my husband and I light the candles and prepare the table, letting the girls sleep a couple of extra minutes.  Tony will be leaving for work soon, so we want to celebrate this day together,

“Oh Come oh Come Emmanuel” echoes through our halls as we wake up the girls.  We process down the stairs and light the Christmas tree for the first time this season.

Eating our breakfast together in the glow of the tree, we talk about what areas of our life need more light, and wonder how we can bring light to the darkness in the world.

How can I be light to others in this new year?  I will grow my online presence, reaching out to more people with my written words of reflection, hope and awareness.  If I can help just one person become more aware of how the Divine is constantly working in our lives, then I have been successful.  I am also helping people find a strategy to exit this recession and start making an income stream separate from a normal job.  I am committed to learning online strategies to reach out to those who are looking for a change.

Mostly though, I am working on myself, cleaning out the dark areas of my heart where anger, resentment and jealousy reside, and bringing them to the light.  I know that in order to affect the world around me, I have to be willing to work on me first.  I create space in my own heart so the love of Jesus can shine through me, and I can help bring more light to those who live in darkness.

As I look around my breakfast table, and see the glow of lights reflected in the faces of my family, I am grateful for the light that already shines in our lives.  And I am grateful for the peace and joy that comes with believing that we are all meant to bring the light of love to our world.

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