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Happy Thanks Living!

I saw a church sign this week that said, “Thanksgiving is nice but Thanks Living is better.”  I love the idea that every day I get up and walk in gratefulness for my life-  the people, the things, the blessings that fill me with joy.   So often we look at the things we don’t have and miss the cup that is overflowing in our hands.

Fifteen years ago, I was celebrating a homecoming that was incredibly meaningful, mainly because I was still alive after a massive infection kept me in the hospital for close to 150 days.

Here is an excerpt from my story:

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it was a wonderful, joyful, tear-filled celebration.  It felt so good to be able to sit down with my family and eat a normal dinner, drink wine and celebrate the gift of life.  Nothing poured out of my belly, and even though I’m still dealing with the diarrhea, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will improve soon.
I thanked Tony for doing such a fantastic job with the little girls all year, keeping them healthy and fed, and taking care of their emotional needs.  And I thanked him for being my rock and strength, helping me to survive an unimaginable illness.
He looked at me through his tears and said, “I am just thankful you are here.”
“Me too,” I cried.

So this Thanksgiving, I will be remembering these years I have lived on borrowed time, thanking God for giving me a second chance at life.  I have been here to watch my three daughters turn into amazing young women who inspire me with their courage, their wisdom and their love of life.  I am here to celebrate 25 years of marriage to my best friend Tony.

I don’t know what the future holds for me.  I can’t begin to imagine where my book “Moving Mountains” will take me, and who will be touched by my story of hope.  Even as I  look to the future and wonder how things will work out,  I bring myself back to this moment, where I know that life is amazing, and I am here to celebrate it.

May you be truly present to the gifts that are around you this Thanksgiving, and may you be inspired to move into a place of Thanks Living.

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  1. What a great message – Thanks Living is absolutely brilliant…hey that sounds like another book title. 🙂

    It is amazing to watch an inspirational and courageous women like you share the truth of who you are with so many. Your book will be amazing and I’m looking forward to reading it in print. It’s been an honor to be on this journey with you. To you – I owe many thanks!

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