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Have you Cleaned your File Cabinet?

In a spurt of creativity this week, I decided to paint my work space.  This room in my house also doubled as a play room for my girls when they were little and there is a lot of kid stuff left in the closet.  So everything has come out of the room, and now I am deciding what will go back.

One of the biggest tasks I have is to clean out my file cabinet.  Not only is there a two drawer file in the room itself, but we also have a four drawer in the back storage room.  My thought is to use the back storage room for my files which allows me to take a piece of furniture out of my space for better energy flow.   Do you know how much stuff gets shoved into a file cabinet over a 14 year span?  That is how long we have been in this house.  Last night, I loaded up at least 4 paper grocery sacks to take to the recycle bin. For example,  I still had a  lot of warranties on items that have long been gone, old medical plan books, articles that I wanted to read but have never seen the outside of the file I stashed them in years ago.

This morning as I was laying in bed, I thought about the cleaning of the files, and I wished that I could clean out the files in my head so easily.  Unlike the articles I put away with the best intentions that were forgotten, I have files in my head that register at inconvenient times, carving lines into my self confidence and best laid plans for success.  These little files have been in my file cabinet since I was a child.  Unfortunately, they aren’t paper files easy to trash, just very powerful thought files that I somehow created because I thought they were true.  And even though they aren’t true, files like “you’re not good enough” still show up, and I feel like a little child, being chastised by a mean parent.

One of the best ways I have found to help change these strong neuro pathways is to respond immediately with a positive statement.  I will often tell myself that “I am a Child of Divine Light, and I am capable of all good things.”  I have also used Byron Katie’s The Work.  When I ask myself if this is an absolute truth, the answer is always no.  And I also use Psych-K, a a technique that works to change unconscious negative beliefs into positive ones.   So even though my head files take a lot more work than unloading papers into a recycle bin, I have tools to help me release and let go of limiting beliefs.  Like anything else, I just have to become aware and decide that I will no longer store years worth of trash in the files of my brain.  I have to consciously take the time to create better energy flow in my thoughts, and that makes for a much better day!

What about you?  Do you have any limiting beliefs you need to work on?

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