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Healing Sessions with Jan

“Healing Touch, in my opinion, is ministry at its highest level.  It is about responding to that inner voice that calls one to be God’s instrument, to act out of a compassionate heart with no attachment to the outcome.  It is about being a vessel, a conduit, an instrument, a channel and a currier through which God can act in another’s life.  It is about being in the flow of God’s grace.”

Linda Smith, Called into Healing

Healing Touch is a type of energy work that helps promote the balance of the chakra system.  I have been doing Healing Touch since 1999.  This healing work helps those who are suffering from pain and illness as well as those who are just looking for stress reduction.  Through the healing work, clients experience relaxation, a sense of coming back to the body, and a renewed sense of well-being in their lives.

Each of my sessions starts with a guided meditation, divinely inspired, to help my clients travel in their imaginations to beautiful places that allow them to be pain free, stress free, and often find the answers to the questions that lie deep in their hearts.

One of the best things about Healing Touch is it requires me to be centered and out of my own way in order to fully be present to the needs of my clients.

If you are interested in experiencing the grounding and relaxation of Healing Touch, mention this post and get $15 off the normal cost of $60/session.

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