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How abundant is your life?

We would give anything for what we have.

Tony Hoagland

When I saw this quote today, I knew that I would have to write about it.  In this season of harvesting the crops and all the bounty of the land, we forget to look at the abundance of our own lives.  I have been in a place of looking at what I don’t have, rather than what I do have.  This quote hit me hard this morning, as I realized I have not been looking at the abundance and gifts that are in my life.

Any of us would fight to have a beautiful home, cars to drive, children that are smart, healthy and happy, a relationship with a spouse that is supportive, encouraging and loving, and friends that we meet on our journey of life.  We would give anything to be healthy.  Sadly, sometimes we have to lose something before we stop taking things for granted.

I am busy writing about my healing journey fifteen years ago when I spent almost 150 days in the hospital.  Remembering where I was gives me a new perspective on where I am.  It reminds me that I have the strength within me to overcome all kinds of odds.

Now I am looking at all the gifts, both material and intrinsic that are a part of my life.  I am grateful every day to get to encounter the Divine through the people I meet.  And I am grateful for the reminders to be on the lookout for abundance.  It is all around us, and it is ours to enjoy.  Are you in the act of receiving, or are your arms crossed, pouting because you don’t have that one thing that eludes you?  Accepting the gift is a choice.  What are you choosing in this present moment?

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