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How Much Did You Love?

It was Easter weekend at our house, and our family tradition is to attend mass on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.  It is a lot of church for one weekend, and yet it is my favorite time of year in the church.  And I am grateful to hear my sixteen year old daughter say that it is her favorite time of year too.  My oldest daughter surprised us by coming home from school Wednesday night and spending the weekend with us.  I was definitely on family time.

Even though it was busy, I wouldn’t trade this time for any other. Remembering how Jesus taught us to serve one another, remembering his passion and death, and then celebrating his resurrection is always reflective time for me.  When have I stopped to serve others, and be present to them, not just go through the ritual?  What are the things that I need to die to in my own life so that I can rise to new life?  Am I aware of the communal suffering of humanity, and how everyone experiences trials and suffering, or am I wrapped up in my own world, too unaware to notice?   When I am suffering in my own life, do I really trust that this can’t be the end, that if things are not okay, then the story isn’t over?  Do I believe in a God of love, or just a God of suffering?   And finally, am I waiting for the other shoe to drop or do I believe that the best is yet to come?  All of these questions helped me to reflect this week, and to take a look at where I am going in the future.

Sitting in church and seeing all three girls holding hands and being present to one another is an amazing gift.  The girls are best friends, and I have to say that Tony and I did a great job building that legacy of love for them.

I was getting ready for dinner guests on Easter Saturday, talking to my mom about not having enough matching dishes, cloth napkins, fancy silverware, and she reminded me that nothing can take the place of the love with which we greet our guests and invite them into the warmth of our home.  She is right.

The most important question I will be asked when I finally leave this world is not did your dishes match, but rather, “How much did you love?”    Thus,it is the question I continue to work on, walk with, and celebrate in this Easter Season.

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