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How to be a Kid

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Need some ideas on how to be a kid?

Treat yourself( see box above) to ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Go to a water park like Water World or just a park with a water feature and cool off!  Take the squirt guns and make sure you get the good one!
Ride your bike to the farmer’s market and enjoy the colorful display!
Swing on the swings so high that you get that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach!
Learn how to play a new sport.
Learn how to make music.
Sit in the coolness of your basement and color a picture.
Catch lightning bugs.
Bake bar cookies early in the morning before it gets hot.
Go to a baseball game.
Enjoy a summer concert.
Watch the fireworks.

Take time to laugh,
Laugh at yourself.
Lighten up!
Bring more joy into your life.

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