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I Miss You Mama!

It doesn’t matter if the message comes over the phone, by text, or through a facebook message, those four words can always melt my heart.  My oldest daughter is studying abroad in Greece this semester, and it has been difficult to not be in contact with her.  When she is away at college, we usually will talk once a week, and text in between.  Now that there is a 9 hour difference and a lot more pocket change involved, we get to Skype every three weeks or so, when we can actually schedule time together.   I know Becca is having the time of her life, experiencing new people and cultures, new places and food.  I know that she is learning because I see pictures of her sitting in museums, actually in the presence of the art she is studying.  And she writes a blog to tell us of the exciting things she has done, like riding a donkey up a hill in Santorini.

Yet the distance and time between us matters so little when she reaches out and says, “I miss you Mama.”  Becca is the only one of my daughters to call me Mama.  I am not sure when it began but it is such an endearing term to me, and no matter how old she gets,  I am taken back in time to when she was young enough to sit in my lap and read books together,  snuggled in on the couch.  I see her smiling face. I hear her laughter and her spirit surrounds me in joy.

It is nice to know that wherever she is in the world, she still thinks about home and the comforts that our family brings to each other. It is nice to know that far away from my arms is never too far from my heart.  I miss you too Becs!

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