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In The Flow Of Love and Goodness

Some days, when I sit down to the computer to write, nothing flows.  It is as if my fingers are tied up on the computer keys and I can’t get past the individual letters.  I know I have good things to say, but only words come out that don’t seem to make sense.

I notice that my home life is like this too.  I am not in the flow, so each individual action seems to oppose another that I am doing.  It is like those days when I start in one room, see something that needs to be moved to another, and then I find something in that room that needs to be done.  There is no cohesiveness to my actions.

I yearn for some connection, something that will help me move in the flow of writing, of doing, of even just sitting in the flow of love and goodness.  So today, right now, I am stopping what I am doing and moving into breath, moving into the space of allowing, and accepting whatever comes my way.

I begin with the thought that without Source, God, Universe, whatever one calls connection, I am nothing.  I cannot be in the flow of life without the energy of love and self-acceptance.

I breathe in, allowing God’s light, love and peace to flow in the top of my head and down through my body, breathing out feelings of separateness, despair, fear, confusion.  The more I breathe in light, the more relaxed I feel, and the stronger my connection to Divine Love.

I breathe light into the molecules of my body, watching muscles, organs, and bones to expand and float freely, so I am a figure of light dancing with an unknown breeze.  Then I watch as my body floats with the trees, the clouds, the sky, and it is hard to see where I stop and “Otherness” begins.  I am a part of all creation.

When I float back to my body, I feel my mind has cleared, and I am connected to a constant source of love and light.  There is no wrong way to do things today.  There is only a state of being from which my words and work will flow. All is good in my world.

May you float through your day too!

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