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In the Quiet, Comes Gratitude

In The Quiet, Comes Gratitude


Be still, and allow beauty to fill you with gratitude

Be still, and allow beauty to fill you with gratitude

I have been a woman of very few words lately, as you can tell by my lack of posts. I am not sure why that is.  I have lists of topics to share with all of you, and yet, when I sit down to write, the words seem to slip out of sight, and all I see is a blank screen staring back at me.  One might think that when there are no thoughts, I might be in a bit of a depression.  It is easy to think that on these gray days.  However, I think I see it another way.  I am learning to calm my mind so that there is no necessity to write a blog, only the necessity to sit in a moment and absorb all that it holds.  Again, this constant wrestle between doing and being catches me in the strangest of ways.

I did a talk last week on gratitude and a well meaning coach asked me all kinds of questions about what I was doing, and where I was going with my business.  By the time he finished talking, I felt about two inches tall, because it was easy to see all the ways that I fell short according to his definition of success.  It took me two days to find myself again, and it was in the middle of a healing touch session that my purpose came back to me:  Be a healing presence to the people you meet.

My purpose in life doesn’t light up billboards, book speaking engagements(Yet!) or create financial freedom(Yet!), but to the people that I work with one on one, or in small groups, or in audiences, my presence is enough to make them pause in their lives and reflect on what is good and true.  When my client says, “You have made a difference in my life!” I know that I am on the right track.  I can let go of the ways I think my life should look according to another’s definition.

I wonder how many of us do things because we have always done them, and we get a little frazzled by the list of busy work, only to find there is no time for stillness at the end of the day.  I am learning when I start with stillness, I understand what is important to accomplish in a day.  I can bring my being-ness, my healing presence into a blog post or video, into time spent with a client.  When I am fully present in the moment, I am creating the most wonderful kind of success in my life.

This week, as we focus on Thanksgiving and all the blessings of people and things that enrich our lives, take a moment to sit in stillness. No need for words. Just allow the feelings of gratitude to fill up your heart, expand through your body, and move out into the world, where your gratitude for life will touch others. Gratitude is a visceral thing.  When you feel it well up within you, there are no words to describe the abundance and love you feel in your life.  It is okay to be silent.


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