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In the Space of Own Time

This week, as I contemplated the ways I played, I realized that part of my play was reclaiming leisure time, not necessarily having laugh out loud fun time.  I did wake up each day this week with the idea that I needed to add a little play to my day.  The question I am now asking is “What will I do with my own time?”

For me, I play in ways that often look like work to others.  And in fact, depending on the mood I am in, it can feel like work when I am under a deadline, but something I love to do is bake.  It is my idea of fun to find new recipes and adapt them not only to gluten free, but also to healthy gluten free.  This means less sugar, more whole grain and fiber while keeping the taste and texture.  Lucky for me, there are a lot of great resources for healthy gluten free recipes on the internet, and I can choose what looks good and create the food without always having to create the recipe.  I am lucky because this kind of play leads to a result- fresh baked breakfast cookies, as well as quinoa carrot breakfast cake.  A friend of mine can’t eat rice, corn, sugar, eggs or egg replacer, so I love the challenge of creating  food that she can eat.   Not only did I enjoy the process of baking, but now I have food to eat for a few days, before the family eats everything and I get to play again.

As wonderful as baking is, I like the kind of play that doesn’t lead to a tangible result.  I like to know that I spend time nurturing the soul, bringing more balance to my life.   I can feel the  balance even if I can’t see it.   This week, I spent my leisure time thumbing through a wonderful book called “Faces in the Rocks.” It was written by Randy and Judy Brown as their grief work after the Columbine tragedy.  They spent six years hiking the foothills of Colorado finding faces in the rocks.  Then Judy put the book together with great quotes.  I spend time reflecting on each page, and sometimes it took me awhile to find the face.   It was inspiring, and good for my soul to soak in the beauty and it inspires me to find my own faces on my next hike in the mountains.  Which brings me to my fun for this Friday. Tony and I are going hiking up at Red Rocks to enjoy the last of the fall colors.  I hope that you find a great way to play, or at least enjoy leisure time this week!

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  1. Hi Jan .. what an AMAZING looking book! Thank you so much for sharing and adding images on your blog for a peek at it. I may add it to my xmas list. Have a wonderful hike today and please do share photos if you come across the face rocks 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this book and it’s amazing. Once I came across it I was able to start seeing faces in nature.

    I also agree that my idea of play may seem like work to some. I have a play date tonight to make jewelry – a new play activity that doesn’t feel like work.

    I’m also committed to taking once a week artist dates. Play is good, and necessary!

    🙂 Andrea

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