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Intentions to Live By

Recently I received a free audio recording of Wayne Dyer speaking shortly before his movie “The Shift” came out.  It is a thought provoking movie.  Anyone up for a movie night sometime?

Anyway, I was struck  by the list of intentions by which he lives his life.  So many of us move through our days without direction because we are not conscious of how we show up in the world. Did I remember to set my intention for only good to come out of my day?  Did I spend time in prayer, asking for guidance on where to look for another writing assignment?

So in this audio, Wayne reads the list of affirmations that he reads every morning and I want to share them with you.  I will be saying these daily, adding stronger intention and purpose to my day.

To God and my Guides:

It is my intention to be safe in all that I do.

It is my intention to be successful in all that I do.

It is my intention to give and receive love in all that I do.

It is my intention to have a good time and be rewarded with prosperity according to my needs.

It is my intention to live not overly enamored with the material world.

What intentions do you live by everyday?  How has that changed your life?

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