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Is “I Love You” Enough?

Is “I Love You” Enough?

Yesterday, a friend shared with me that her thirty eight year old cousin suddenly died, leaving behind a 12 and a 8 year old child. I am sure those children heard many times how much they were loved, and in the days to come, they will feel the love of family wrap around them and hold them tight. I wonder though in the years ahead, if words spoken so long ago will be felt the same way as a letter can feel in one’s hands.

A handwritten letter is something you can hold and allow the love of the one writing it to pour into you time and time again. The letter can be simple, with a few sentences sharing some aspect of the values you live with. It may be the endearing qualities you see in another.

There are no guarantees in life because we don’t know what will happen today, much less tomorrow. The only time you have is now- What are you doing to share your love with those around you? Can you take the time to reach out to someone today to let them know how much you care?

If you have a specific person you would like to share wisdom with, and would like to explore writing with a group of fellow travelers, please join us Friday night for a worded wisdom event. I would love to see you there.

Please join us on Friday, April 26th as we explore the power of the written word.

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  1. I love this message, Jan! I am going to implement it by writing a love letter to my sister. Her love language is gifts and she feels receiving a written card or message to be most precious. Can’t wait for her to read my “love letter.”

  2. Hi Melinda. What a lovely thing to do for your sister. I hope all is well with you. I look forward to catching up and hearing about what is happening in your life! Love to you!

  3. Jan,
    At the funeral they had a small tree branch with index cards looped with a ribbon for those who wanted to write the loving words of comfort. Like you said, these will be treasured by the family to review and hold in there hands as reminders of all the love expressed during their loss.

    Your post was a reminder to not wait til one suffers a loss to share those written words.

  4. Those words will become so important to the family. Thanks for sharing your comment Shelly. Loss is always hard, but we hold on to those tangible words and tokens that bring us closer to our loved ones. Those words can ring out far into the future, to remind the children that their mother loved them.

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