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Is it a Mistake? Or Was it on Purpose?

My mother was the lucky recipient of one of the first copies of my book, and she read it cover to cover.  She cried as she relived the story and felt like the book told the story well.  And then she almost hesitated to call me and tell me she had found a mistake. The very last sentence of the book, before the acknowledgements is missing.  It begins:  And may you find the act of moving mountains… and it ends there.

Of course, at first I was angry that I had missed such a simple mistake.  It happened because we added a piece into the section and it moved the last question down the page, cutting off the end of sentence.  And then I had to laugh because I could hear the universe laughing with me, reminding me that perfection isn’t everything.  It is another lesson I learned in the process of writing that keeps coming back to me.

My second thought was that on the second run, I will correct the mistake.  It is easy enough to do.

Then a voice in my head asked me if I could turn this into a teaching moment. I now have the first run of  the book  I have long awaited and it is unfinished.  But then I realized  the reader now gets to put in his/her own words to complete the sentence.

May you find the act of moving mountains

challenging yet fun?



full of life’s lessons?

hard and not worth attempting?

Or are you too caught up in being perfect that a non-ending is too open ended?  ( I know the feeling!)

Have you walked this journey with me and now have new eyes to see the mountains in your own life?  Can you begin to move them, one stone at a time?

When you get your copy of the book, come back to this post and leave your comments.  Let me know what you think of the book and how you will fill in the blank at the end!

Moving Mountains Book



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