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It is Time!

Watch this three minute video and join the journey to more self appreciation this year!  Be sure to add your comments below and become a part of this growing community.


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  1. Thanks, Jan, for reminding me that I am “good enough” and things don’t have to be perfect for me to move forward. Hurray for all the 11:30’s in our lives that keep us moving forward.

  2. Jan,
    On January 26 I posted a short blog on my website called “I AM ENOUGH” and “I AM ENOUGH” is one of my favorite affirmations. Needless to say, I loved your video. It seems to be the theme this year.

  3. HI Sharon! Thanks for connecting and for the kudos on my video. I felt vulnerable putting it out there, but that is the only way to let others know that we all struggle and we can work at being honest with each other. You might like Brene Brown’s book called Daring Greatly. She talks about “good enough” as the opposite of Scarcity and how healing it can be. Glad you are along on the journey!

  4. Kathy, so glad we have journeyed this far together and look forward to having your comments on my page more often! Peace!

  5. Yes, Mary, hurrah for all the deadlines that make us finally say, “Good enough!” I am learning to practice that every night as I let go of my day, and say “Well done- good enough!” Glad you are on the journey with me!

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