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It is Your Life- Choose You!

It Is Your Life- Choose You!
Let life rain on you, and grow into more aliveness!

Let life rain on you, and grow into more aliveness!

It was perfect timing to receive Seth Godin’s blog post this morning.  The right moment is always right now, in the midst of the messiness of our lives.  There will never be the perfect moment to do anything- we will always wonder if we are enough, if we have enough, if the timing is right.  Have you ever been in this place of waiting?

And yet, this wondering can lead us to stay put- living in a place of wishing things were different.  As a wellness coach, I often talk to people who wish things were different in their health, business, relationships, etc.  What I do is help a person recognize the baby steps right in front of them that, if acted upon, can make a huge change in a short amount of time. Each day, each minute, we make a choice about how we want to live.  What are you choosing in this moment?   It can be as simple as choosing water over a soda, choosing to walk instead of watching tv, or choosing love instead of fear.  The last one is more difficult, and yet is the most powerful instigator of change if we embrace it.

This Saturday, the Denver Speaker’s Bureau will be hosting another event  called “To Your Health” at the Lone Tree Library from 12:30 to about 4 pm. , I will be first up at 12:30.  My talk will be based on the theme of “April Showers bring May Flowers.”

How many of you are willing to stand in the rain, get wet, and even dance?  I view the rain as that space that takes us out of our comfort zone, the place where we can really grow.  How often are we holding up the umbrella  we think is protecting us from the world, but may be just letting us hide?

In what ways are you holding on to your umbrella, and not allowing the real you to be seen?  What choices are you making that don’t support your growth?

What can you choose instead? What are you willing to let go of that will allow you to stand up for your own needs and stand in the aliveness of the rain?

If you are in town, please join us as we welcome spring and commit to our health!  Choose You!

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