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It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

It has been a challenging few weeks for me, both writing and personally.  I am in that dead of winter space where I know things are happening, they just aren’t visible.  I am in the editing phase of my book and it gets quite tedious moving forward and backward through all the pages, looking for just the right spot to place a bit of the back history, the part of the story that leads up to the event of the book.  I want to weave it into the story so that I don’t have to bore the readers with a whole chapter of it.

At the same time, I am looking for a part time job to bring some income in while I am writing.  It is a difficult place to be, especially when I get so stuck  in not knowing what to do and I feel like no one has ever been as stuck as me.  (Pity Party!)  My emotions have gotten the best of me and have begun to present as physical symptoms, adding to my stuck-ness.   I know I have work to do.

So today I am starting over on my goals and new habits.  I think it is a great day to start again, because I have 21 days left in the month of February, just enough days to create a new habit to replace an old one.

The habit I so struggle to keep going is a morning routine.  I am good for a week, alternating between yoga and writing and adding quiet prayer time.  Then there is a snow day at my daughters’ school, and the household routine is interrupted.  Sometimes I think that taking all that time for me in the morning is counter productive to getting more important things done.  This can’t be farther from the truth.   I know from experience that when I start my day with quiet meditation of some kind, I am much more centered and productive as I move through my day.

Another piece of my life that needs consistency is exercise.  I am consistent about three days a week, but I would like to increase that to everyday because I feel so much better.   I have friends who are blogging everyday, working out everyday and seem to be getting their life together, and that just makes me feel like I am behind the curve.  No matter.  Today is a great day to start again.  As my friend Lisa Schultz says, we must take baby steps for success.

I am done beating myself up over where I think I should be, because the truth is I am doing the best I can.  However, with some extra love and encouragement, I think I can do better.  I am clearing out the cobwebs, resetting my intentions (or maybe just setting them!) and moving forward like today is the first day on my way to success.

I have a new resource that I suggest you try along with me. Darren Hardy, editor of Success Magazine, recently wrote a book called The Compound Effect. On his website, he has a tab for free resources.  I have downloaded all of them and am filling them in again, just like it was the beginning of the year.  The one I am most attracted to is the weekly rhythm register.  I am going to use this to track the activities of my morning routine so I can be accountable to myself, and to you my readers.  Play along with me.  Even if you got off on the right foot in January, it is always good to be aware of where you spend your time.   For any of you who haven’t quite gotten into your groove for the year, this is an invitation to join me.  Remember, it is never too late to start again!  What would you like to restart in your life?


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  1. Thanks Jan for your honesty and authenticity. Isn’t it wonderful that every day provides another opportunity to start anew?! No matter what has or hasn’t happened, we get an opportunity to write our life each day, not just on New Years, to serve us and others. Thanks for sharing the link to The Compound Effect–I plan to check it out.

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