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Joyfully Journaling

Joyfully Journaling

A Hands-On, Integrative and Interactive Workshop

From The Desktop Of: Andrea Costantine, Lisa Shultz and the Self-Publishing Experts Team ( Jan Haas, Donna Mazzitelli)

Date: Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011

Dear Writer,

Writing, journaling, how to write a bok

Does a book or a writing project feel too overwhelming?

Would you like to express yourself more clearly?

Are you ready for insight on where you really want to go?

Discover How Journaling can Spark Your Imagination, Unleash Your Creativity and Improve Your Writing!

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. – Julia Cameron

“Journaling is often instrumental in helping us overcome our writing blocks, connect to our inner voice, and gain the insights for our book.”

Whether you love to journal or have never done it before – this is a hands-on workshop that will feed your journaling mojo to:

  • Get you inspired and tapped into your creative mindset.
  • Find the courage, the time, and the stamina to write your book.
  • Access different parts of your brain and creativity
  • Find clarity around your writing and other projects

Did you know that journaling can help you to…

Clarify your thoughts and feelings

Tap into your writer’s voice

Know yourself better

Solve problems more efficiently

Write your book faster!

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Uncover new and imaginative journaling techniques
  • Discover how to keep your journaling fresh and creative
  • Learn ways to use prompts and props for new ideas
  • Find your authentic voice

Start with a journal, and end up with a book!

Join us for a fun, inspirational, and insightful workshop into the world of journaling!

For more information and to sign up for the class:

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