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Let’s Ebb Over a Cup of Tea!

“Let’s ebb together over tea.”

That’s what I told my friend Donna today as we were talking about our week.  She is listening to Joan Anderson on CD, soaking in the wisdom of the waves of the ocean by which Joan writes.  Joan’s book, “A Year by the Sea” is an amazing read, and worth repeating at different stages of your life.

It seems that both Donna and I found ourselves ebbing this week, in the lull between action, and feeling at times a little off course. When there is no visible movement toward a goal, it is easy to feel like you are alone, adrift at sea, unable to reach the shore. Writing has not come easily.  The reality is that everyone goes through periods of flow and ebb in their life.  We are not the odd ones out who can’t seem to get IT all together, whatever IT is.  There is not a magic formula that allows someone to stay in flow at all times.  And even if there were, would you choose to stay in the constant motion of flow?

I need to release the idea that ebb is a bad thing.  Ebb time is a chance for me to slow down, and in the quiet, trust that I am in the right place.  If I don’t slow down, I often get caught moving in circles. I make decisions based out of fear rather than decisions that are true and right for me.

Yesterday I  listened to my body and took a nap.   In fact, I took two naps because the first one wasn’t long enough.  Today, I have much more energy and am productive again in my work.  I have been inspired sharing my new writing business with Donna and am watching the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  There is synchronicity in my life all pointing me in the right direction.

I am learning that the trick to being in the flow is not fighting the ebb.  When in the ebb, it is important to take  time to re-create, re-lax, re-energize. And next time I feel like I am all alone and adrift at sea, I will call Donna and over a cup of tea, she will remind me that I am right where I should be, relaxing in the embrace of an endless ocean of love.  She will remind me that flow will come again. It always does.

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  1. This is a beautiful post Jan. It is true there is an ebb, and we should honor that when it appears. I have claimed March “Me-March” so I can honor that in myself as well and make that a practice that lasts in my life.

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