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Living in Joy and Excitement

Have you ever had one of the weeks when you felt like you were in the right place at the right time?  This week was one of joy and excitement for me.  Monday evening, I facilitated a writer’s workshop at Metro State.  15 women showed up and in a two and a half hour period, we laughed and cried, and walked away knowing the importance of writing as a healing tool.  On Wednesday, I led a retreat for 8th graders. I have been working with 27 students for 8 weeks with a book called Success for Teens, and yesterday they shared memories of grade school and middle school, celebrated the good they see in each other, and created dream boards to carry them into high school.  This morning, I spoke at the Tamarac Women’s Optimist Club, and shared my story about how L.O.V.E can move mountains.  Love is everywhere and it is up to us to open our eyes to see how it shows up.  Embracing the Obstacles in our lives can help us gain wisdom and live more fully with joy. Recognizing that our Value lies in who we are and not what we do frees us up to be our more authentic self.  Expressing Gratitude for all the good in our lives gives us the strength to move through the tough times and steadily, step by step, move our mountains.

I am grateful to be meeting new people, working with youth, and inspiring others to live more fully in the present moment.  I look forward to showing up to whatever life brings to me!  So how has joy and excitement been a part of your week?

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