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Living the Miracles of Today

The steam is rising from my cup of tea, and huddled under the blanket on my lap, I am cozy as I write this post.  Although I do feel the importance of planning my year so that I know where I am going, I am being called right now to sit in the silence and let my heart guide me.  The Christmas tree is still up for another week, and I am enjoying the soft white lights behind the gold and silver stars. There is no place for me to be but here.

I am reminded about how busy we become so quickly after a time of rest.  You did rest, didn’t you?  Our family time was spent at the Haas Family cabin on Columbine Lake.  It was our last time together in the cabin because it has been sold to another family- an aunt with many nieces and nephews. I hope that she can create as many wonderful memories as we did. It was difficult to leave a place where our girls experienced so much fun over the past twenty years.  Fourth of July and New Years were our two big celebrations, although we would get to the cabin as often as possible.  It is where I wrote the bulk of my book in the fall.  I am grateful for spaces that allow us to be ourselves, where we could share family time, a big hammock in the summer to reflect on the clouds passing overhead, and large windows by the fire to watch the snow fall.

So now I sit in my own living room, in no hurry to move forward, caught up in that reflection time.  I read about the need to make 2011 a much more productive prosperous year, yet I am drawn like my friend Andrea Costantine, into a  creative space where more reflection and gratitude for my life feels like the right approach to take for a wonderful new year.   Yes, money needs to be earned and a book needs to be finished and published, but I am counting on Divine Timing to guide my steps.  Prayer time and writing time will fill my mornings before I begin on my computer. Creative time will increase my productive time.  If I get out of my own way, and trust my intuition about where I am supposed to be,  I will have an amazing year.  If I am focused only on the future, it is easy to miss the moments of grace that actually propel me to more abundance in my life.  I am committed to being a healing presence in the world, and no amount of new year’s resolutions will help me do that. Any planning for the future takes me out of the present, the only place I can bring healing to myself and the world.

So I vow to live more of my days in the moment instead of dreaming about my tomorrows and planning my future.  What about you?   How are you going to slow down instead of speed up so you don’t miss the miracles in your life?

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  1. What a beautiful post Jan. I can feel the calmness and peace in your energy as you wrote this post. It is amazing how quickly we ran back to the hustle and bustle of our lives after the holidays. I’ve been easing into things this week and clearing out things that don’t serve me. It feels remarkable. I actually feel free! Which is true bliss for me. Looking forward to the journey ahead.

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