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Making Dreams Reality

Yesterday, I was at a training day for my Trump business, and the afternoon was spent creating dream boards.  Our leader gave us the instructions not to judge which pictures and words drew out attention, and not to glue anything down until we had a whole hour to cut out pictures.  When an hour went by and I began to organize my board, I was really amazed at what the universe was trying to tell me.  I had a nice new kitchen next to my diamond Trump business, but the corner that was most complete was a writing corner.  In a stack of books was my book called “She Moved Mountains”  with a coming soon notice.  There was a writing desk, and writing pens of all kinds.  There is a note to be 100% naturally me, which means I have to be willing to speak my truth in my writing.  I have to open myself up and be vulnerable to what others think.  Yet I know that is the only way to write my story. Expressing my story and how Faith brought me through a very difficult illness is so important that I teared up when I talked about it.  I trust that when this book is done, it will have a magical effect on my life, opening doors that I never saw before, and even affecting my Trump business in a positive way. I look forward to speaking to groups of women about being authentic in their own lives, and the place to start doing that is in the present moment.

The words Tweet and Value, remind me that as I write and add value to the marketplace, I can increase my readership, and have more people to touch when my book is finished.   What I offer on my blog is just a taste of what is to come.  I realize that I have the ability to connect people to the present and that is the gift I will be sharing.

I had a dream as a kid that I would write a book by the age of 30. Although I am a bit beyond that now, I know that it will become a reality in the next months. I have joined an accountability group and additional writing groups to make my dream come true.  I get such a delight from telling people I am writing a book.  It is truly my path right now, and I embrace it fully!

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  1. Wow. I read the first two blogs here and am inspired to look back at how Faith guided and guarded me these past few difficult years. And reading about your time in Maine was like a little vacation, as well as a lovely reminder about the ebb and flow of life. You are a very talented writer and I am so glad you are sharing your gifts with the rest of us!


  2. Thanks Julie. It is such a pleasure to write what comes to me and hope that somehow other people can make connections in their lives. Thanks for reminding me to keep doing what I am doing, and it may brighten a little corner of the world. I am grateful to know wonderful women such as you!

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