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Making Lists Only to Check Things Off!

We are on our way to Boston tomorrow to drive up the coast of Maine for a wedding.   I can’t tell you how many lists I have made to get ready for tomorrow. A few days of relaxation and celebration sounds amazing.   Countless grocery lists, and clothing lists, and to do lists have kept me on track to make sure that when I get on the plane tomorrow, I am as ready as  I can be.

Last night, I attended Women, Wine and Wellness, and Lisa Schultz, the Founder, presented on the eight things she does every day to keep organized.    Starting the day off right, calling new prospects and existing customers, writing thank-yous or notes of appreciation, reading, writing, exercising, and recalling reasons for gratitude are all on Lisa’s list.  Once she has that done, then she moves into other important tasks for the day.   Lisa loves days when her top eight things are done before lunch.

I knew a woman once who would make her list part way through the day and write down things she had already done, only to check them off.   There is something magical about checking off, or crossing things off a list.   It gives us a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small  the task.  I am one of those people who never feels like my work is done.  I believe that using Lisa’s system, I can not only organize my day in a more efficient way, but I will be able to look back and see the work that has been completed.  Checking off each of the eight things as well as the important tasks will let me know that I indeed have something to show for my efforts.   And the more accomplished I feel, the more successful I feel, and that just leads me to complete the whole process again.

I love that Lisa focuses so much on relationship building, which is truly the only way to grow your business.  Sending notes of appreciation and connecting to others on a daily basis creates relationships that will become strong over time.  Any business is not grown overnight but must be developed and nurtured, just like connections, so that when a person is in need of a service you offer, you come to mind easily because of the work you have done beforehand.

If you have not made it to one of Lisa’s events, it is a real treat.  Get on her website and see how you might get yourself connected.

Δ Meet New People and Build Relationships

Then you too can check something off your list!

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