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Mandalas for Meditation

One of my favorite ways of calming myself and listening to my intuition is through color.  Using colored pencils and a mandala gives me a focus.  I can ask any question I am currently pondering and answers will come as I am focused on either the design I am creating or the colors involved.  There are some days it takes me more time to find my center.  Look at the first mandala.  I started out my day by finding my colored pencils, choosing this particular design (by intuition), and then coloring the design.  I had no particular order in which I was coloring, just picking up a pencil and adding the color where I thought it should go.   Although I tried to focus, my to do list kept popping up in my mind, and I had to call my thoughts back to the task on hand. ( There is a clue- I thought this was another TASK  I was merely completing!)  After finishing it and looking closely at it, I saw my spirit running in all different directions, and I felt just like the picture I had colored.    I wanted the green to represent love that flows through all things, yet there didn’t seem to be any flow, especially in warms thoughts of self-love.  I was listening too hard to the critical voices telling me I must DO something, rather than the one letting me know it was ok to just BE.

I usually don’t color two mandalas in one day.  However, my intuition told me to pick the same design and color it again.  This time I started in the center and focused on my breathing, remembering that all creativity and flow comes from my ability to connect the the core of who I am.   I thought about color, but mostly I thought about being in the flow of God’s grace, and making space for God.  The white outline was left blank intentionally to allow for new possibilities in my life.  When I finished the second design and put it next to the first, I realized how crazy my life has been because I haven’t taken the time to be quiet and still.  There is so much more cohesiveness and beauty in the second mandala and the symbolism doesn’t escape me.  There is more cohesiveness and beauty in my life when I connect with God.

I am grateful for the learning and look forward to coloring my prayers again.  If you could color your prayers, what color do you think would dominate?

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