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Messages from the Smallest of Creatures

This was a post I originally wrote last year at this time, when the nights were beginning to get cool and the spiders were making their way inside, trying to find warmth.  Again, I find myself seeing a few spiders in the house, and I know it is a sign from the angels to keep writing, because it is what connects me to the earth and to others.  Enjoy!

“Spider is the guardian of the ancient languages and alphabets…To many, the geometric patterns and angles found within a spider’s web is the first true alphabet.  This is why a spider is considered a teacher of language and the magic of writing.”

Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews, page 345-346

Not long ago, right after a healing touch session, my client noticed a spider on the floor and commented that it must have come for some healing.  Being aware at how often animals come across my path as messengers, I had to look up spiders in a guide book.

Today, three spiders crossed my path in a 15 minute time span.  The third one was bigger than the first two and seemed to appear out of nowhere.  So here I am writing because I really don’t want God to send a tarantula to get my attention!

I think the message for me today is to slow down and sit for a bit, and let the thoughts in my head organize themselves in a web on paper.  I was already into my work pile, even though I hadn’t taken my quiet time to look out the window and reflect on life for a few minutes.  The spiders reminded me that my writing can be prayer time, and it is a necessity for me to make it through the day in the right frame of mind.

When I center myself, and build a web of love around me, no challenges of the day can knock me off course.  I move gently, like a spider web whose tentacles are strung between branches can move in the wind.   I remain intact at my core, because I am connected to the divine energy of love inside of me.

Centering myself also helps me to be gentle with others.  Just as I coaxed my spiders into a jar and placed them back outside, I recognize the divine in the people I meet.  Maybe someone needs an extra smile today, or maybe my neighbors would really love some tomatoes from our bountiful garden.   Being generous with the gifts I have received allows me to be open to the abundance that all of life has to offer.

So with some quiet cleansing breaths, some meditation, and a few minutes to organize my day, the three spiders have done their job, reminding me to stop, see the beauty in all things, and pay attention to the unspoken language of love and connections,  especially in the graceful lines of a delicate spider’s web.

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to see beauty and divinity in all things. Spiders aren’t my favorite little crawly creatures and have never even considered seeing their precious meaning and reminder of life.
    I can’t wait to see one again!

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