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Moving Mountains- One Woman’s Fight to Live Again


Front cover with EVVY for amazon

Long Awaited, Here is the birth of my book!

Here is a little taste of what is inside:

After a joyous birth,

so much darkness:

45 days on a ventilator

55 days in the ICU

131 days in the hospital

9 months of IV nutrition

One journey

Many lessons


A poem excerpt:

I am taken back in time

to my first taste of

water in 39 days.

My parched mouth,

Dry as dust,

Craves moisture

Like petals of the iris.

As the nectar of life

Pours down like rain,

I smell the coolness rising

and am captured by the moment

as my shriveled body

swells with kindness,

quenching a need deeper

than thirst.

I gulp satisfaction.

“Satisfaction” exceprt
from Moving Mountains
Copyright 2011 Jan Haas
Read the summary and reviews, and order your copy here.  
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  1. Hello Jan! A big congratulations hug from Big D! I’m thrilled to discover that you are writing, nourishing yourself and others in many ways, and achieving your dreams of being published! Excellent! It has been 9 long years since the Madkins family left Denver and headed to Dallas…..I can tell this greeting finds you doing well and thriving! Congratulations.

    I was thrilled to receive your book for Christmas (thank you Sue Berscheid for knowing me so well).

    I am clutching my heart and wiping my tears as I work my way through your story. (I’m so glad that I know it has a happy ending or else I would be filled with even more angst than when I turn the page.)
    Blessings to you and yours. Please give my best to Tony and the girls. I’d love to catch up and hear more about your latest journey.
    Happy Day and may the Blessings of the Christmas Season be in abundance.
    Barbara Madkins

  2. Hi Barbara. Nice to hear from you! I am happy that you are enjoying the book and cleansing as you read it! Thank you for sharing in the joy of my accomplishment! It if a life-long dream come true, and now I am setting my sights on getting the book into as many hands as possible. Please pass the book along or tell others about it so more people can experience the truth- that stone by stone, mountains are moving! Happy New Year!

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