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Moving Outside your Comfort Zone

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone

stretching outside comfort zone, building resilience

stretching outside comfort zone, building resilience

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone:

Use these ideas to get you started on making a conscious shift into being uncomfortable.  You will find that the end result makes you a happier person!

  • Stretch yourself with a new workout routine- try Zumba, circuit training, swimming, hiking- anything that gets your body moving in a new way. Maybe it is time to sign up for that race you have always wanted to do, or climb a fourteener!
  • Eat by Color- How many vegetables and fruits do you get in your diet each day?  Try to get in a red, green, yellow, blue and white fruit or vegetable each day.
  • Get your finances up to date- are you working on paying down debt, saving for retirement, vacation fund?  Do you believe you are worthy of more money?  What step can you take today that can help you achieve your goals?   Are you an entrepreneur who needs to raise rates?  Are you ready to start your own business, or create a platform from which you can share your message?
  • Write a letter asking for forgiveness, OR offer forgiveness to someone who has hurt you.  Letting go of past hurts is one of the best ways to live more fully in the present.
  • Learn a new language, prepare to take a trip overseas, develop a new habit.  How would your life look different in 21 days if you turned off the tv and spent the time reading books?
  • Change your mindset.  Are you a positive or negative thinker?  The first step to change is awareness. Have the courage to see the world as a place of abundance instead of a place of lack.  Many people feel there is never enough, they are never enough.  How can you begin to change that thought pattern? Change what you focus on. Write a gratitude journal- three things a day you are grateful for in your life. This can have a dramatic change on your life!
  • Be brave and comment  below on how you are going to stretch your life this week.  (I know, it takes courage to share- yet  knowing others share your journey is cause enough to step into the unknown.)

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