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When she learned that she

didn’t have to plug into

something or someone

like a toaster into the wall

When she learned that she

was a windmill and had only

to raise her arms

to catch the universal whisper

and turn



She moved

Oh, she moved

and her dance was a marvel

Carol Lynn Pearson

As I was walking through my daughter’s room today, I noticed this poem on her shelf, her altar that contains precious stones, pictures, feathers, and all things that remind her of her divinity.  I gave this poem to my daughter at her Coming of Age ceremony, a time of welcoming her into the sisterhood of women.  On this special day, the women in her life told stories, gave gifts and let her know the joys and sorrows of being a woman.

Today, as I reflect on this poem, I am aware of how many times I have “plugged in” to someone or something to find meaning, and I come away empty handed.  I am reminded that the only place to truly find meaning is in my relationship with the Divine.  When I am centered and focused on the love that comes from God, I can do my own happy dance and move more freely in the world.

In a week’s time, I will be on the beach facilitating a bridal ceremony for my friend Emily.  We will talk about this poem, because I have watched Emily time and time again, unplug from that which doesn’t serve her and plug into her own power.  The only way to be in relationship with another person is to be strong in your own power and connect with another at the heart level.  If you come into a relationship expecting another to be your power, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Emily is strong in her convictions, faith and love.  She is already an amazing person and will make a great life partner for Rob.  And I will rejoice in the dance they will create together.

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