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Practicing Self- Kindness

Practicing Self- Kindness

Have you ever heard me say that stress happens when we want to be somewhere we are not?  That happened to me this week.  I wanted to be in a place of action and efficiency, and due to some low energy days, I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be.  This gave me the chance to practice self- kindness, and it took me a good two days to click into being nice to myself.  Even last night, I was still using unkind words with myself that I would never say to someone.  I decided that I would blog about how vulnerable I feel when things aren’t going well for me.  I know most of you can relate to days when you just can’t seem to pull off your list of things to do.

This called for some down time and the practice of self compassion.  I finally gave in and rested and allowed myself to be, instead of worrying about doing.  It was like I was waiting for permission from myself to be nice.  Have you given yourself a hug today? It is amazing what a little bit of self kindness can do for your well-being-ness!


Here is the  link I reference in the video.  Kristin Neff created this self -compassion test.  See how nice you are to yourself!

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