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Prayer Rocks, Literally… Rocks!

Prayer Rocks, Literally… Rocks!
prayer rocks

prayer rocks

When I attended a wedding last June, I thought it was clever to use rocks as our name cards.  I kept the rocks and decided to put them to good use.  Now I have prayer rocks that line the window sill in my kitchen, so while I am making dinner or doing the dishes, I can send loving thoughts to those wonderful people in my life!

I think of Becca and the work that she is doing in the Peace Corps in Western Samoa in the middle of the South Pacific.  I am reminded of the time she told me that Tony and I raised her to make community wherever she goes, and now Samoa is home to her.  I am grateful for the work she is doing to spread love in the world.  Follow her blog at  You can sign up for her email updates on the left hand side.

I think of Hannah who is working in Red Feather Lakes this summer as an adventure camp counselor.  She is roughing it in platform tents and cooking on a camp stove, taking kids rock climbing and leading them in her own creation- Ninja training.  I am so proud of her courage and desire to help kids appreciate the outdoors as much as she does.  I talk to the wild creatures and slithering ones that live near the camp, and ask them to stay away from the campers!  ( Hannah obviously likes camping way more than I do!)

I send my love to Sarah, who is working two jobs this summer.  I smile when I think about her connecting with the zoo patrons, or helping 5 year old players learn how to move a soccer ball.  I am grateful for her willingness to stand on her feet for nine hours and then play soccer to pay for college.

The  ladybug was made by the granddaughter of a woman who graciously invited me into her home, where I shared my message of hope with over 30 women.  When I see the ladybug, I am reminded of all the people I am praying for in my community. I bless each connection and am aware of how blessed I am in my own life to be surrounded by love.

I send my love to Tony and ask God to guide him in all that he does, and keep him healthy.  I ask angels to watch over him as he rides his bike to work to get exercise.  I am grateful for the times we get to talk and share all the moments of our days.

I pray for myself- the hardest one of all to pray for- because I tend to leave myself off the list.  The prayer rocks remind me that I am worthy of God’s love and attention too.

So, can you set up your own prayer rocks?  Who would you like to have sitting on your window sill, so you remember how important they are to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life?



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