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Unspoken Prayer

It has been an interesting week for me, feeling a little overwhelmed with book writing, job hunting, and keeping my balance.  I wrote this poem back in December and now have it as part of my book.  She Moved Mountains is still in progress, and while I may be a little slower than I want to be, there is forward movement.

Sometimes I find that I don’t even know what to ask God for, but God knows what is best for me.  I like to imagine that I am lying in God’s arms at this moment, and peace is settling into my heart.

Sorry my blog doesn’t let the words show up in stanzas but rather runs them all together.


My unspoken prayer rises like incense,

Curling and swirling

Dancing its way to heaven.

Words only trap my prayer

In human constructs.

Letters in formation,

A bird in a cage.

Yet beyond my ability to comprehend

The Mystery of Love,

God holds an outstretched palm

And gathers to Her own breast

The wishes of my heart

Unspoken, unvoiced

Felt in every cell of my body.

In the silent exchange,

Peace settles like snow

Calming my restless spirit.

Divine Wisdom answers with goodness

The prayers I don’t even know to ask.

And while my human eyes may fail to see,

At a soul level I know.

The God of Infinite Love holds me in deep regard.

All shall be well.

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