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Capturing Joy Every Day


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This little notebook will help you increase your joy by training you to look for the good things that happen each day.  Notice the color of the sunrise, or how someone was kind enough to let you merge into traffic, or even let you move to the front of the line to buy  your one item before their cart full of goods.

An introduction will share with you strategies for using this book.  Then, each page is hand drawn with categories to help you capture more slices of joy:  Acts of Kindness, Aha Moments, Dream, High Fives, Play, Please and Thank You’s, Remember, Seek Beauty, Surrender, Unexpected Bliss, and We are One.

When you become consistent in writing down your moments of joy, you will be amazed at how much more joy you feel in the moment, and you anticipate the joy you will uncover each day!

1 review for Capturing Joy Every Day

  1. Julie LaGuardia

    I love this journal! It’s the perfect size for me to carry in my purse or back pocket and it provides me with the opportunity to be mindful and recognize the joy around me throughout the day!

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