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Put Feet Together, Stand Tall!

Ah, how many times my own feet have not gone in the direction I want to go?  And when I look around, it feels like everyone else has their act together. I lose my balance because I  compare my life to others.

Then I remember that the only person I can truly be is me, and that I am doing the best I can to walk through this life without falling down.  And as long as I get back up more times than I fall down, I am still winning, just like this little girl.

This month, I am taking Andrea Costantine’s advice, and making it ME-March.  I am focusing on how I can love and appreciate myself even more.  That starts with showing up in my life and giving my best to what I am doing.  I will follow that with love and appreciation for myself, whatever the outcome of my actions.  I have always been so quick to criticize myself, negating even my efforts because I wasn’t perfect in my attempt.  This month, I am refraining from criticism and focusing on attitude and effort.  As long as I am willing to try, like the little ballerina, my life is good. And I will still love myself on the days when I am out of flow, because it happens to us all.  It is time to release all my negative self talk and love me for who I am.

Eventually, all the effort I put into loving and accepting myself will pay off.    I will finally see that I am infinitely good, and I  make a difference in the world, just by being me!

I love Me!

It’s your turn.  Have you looked in the mirror today and said, “I LOVE YOU”?  Go now!  It is so important and your life(spirit) depends on it!

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  1. Great blog Jan. Loving ourselves and stopping the comparison trap is the fastest and most fun way to freedom, self-acceptance, and so much more. I love this video and I love hearing your take on it. I have a different idea of what it means – to me – so I’ll blog on that this upcoming week. I look forward to hearing more about your Me-March adventures, I’ve been reading, dancing, and will be spending as much time as I can outdoors this month!

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