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Receiving a Compliment

Receiving A Compliment
Thank you

Thank you

Yesterday, I spoke to the Aurora Christian Women’s Vital Network. As I was preparing for my talk, I kept coming back to the importance of receiving- Something I had to do a lot of when I was sick.

We are not good at receiving. Even in the conversation before I spoke, one woman complimented another’s beautiful garden, and she said, “It isn’t much.”

How often we dismiss a compliment and say something to counter it – “Oh, this old dress? It has been in my closet for years!” “It was nothing. I was going to the store anyway.”

To receive something means to take possession of- For me this means take the words of praise and allow them to settle into my heart and allow love to nourish me. When we respond with anything other than ‘thank you’, we are not allowing the gift to be fully given. As the giver of the compliment, it feels somewhat awkward when our compliment is dismissed.

This week, see how often you choose a response other than ‘Thank you‘ when given a compliment. Focus more on receiving the love that is around you. Say ‘Thank you’ and see how it feels in your body. You are worth that feeling of love and belonging!

If you can’t receive a compliment, how do you expect to receive the many more blessings that life has in store for you?

Meister Eckart, a catholic mystic from the thirteenth century, said this:
“If the only prayer you said in your life was ‘thank you‘, it would suffice.”

Let “Thank You” be your daily prayer!

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