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Searching for Play

When I couldn’t sleep the other night, I decided to do a little research into Play.  I have added it as one of my blog categories because frankly, my life has been a little boring with all work and no play so I am hoping that as I teach others about the wonderful art of having fun, I will incorporate more play into my own life.  Painting with Andrea Costantine on Wednesday made me realize how fun it is to spend two hours not thinking about work, or money, or kids.

Now, I know that play isn’t academic, and all it takes it a desire to find fun in my life again, but I was really curious as to what kind of research is being done on the value of play.

I opened up Google and typed in “The necessity of Play” and found out that it is vital for children.  Agreed.  Then I typed in “Women learning how to play” and I got all kinds of instructions on how to play golf or the guitar.  Next, I tried “The Art of Play” and I got a theater book on acting.  Finally I typed in “Balancing work and play” and I got some essays on the importance of leisure.  I felt like I was getting somewhere until I explored two different sites that talked about two different books, one  published in 1994 and another  published in 2004.

I found no recent information about the necessity of play, specifically for women.  It seems my husband knows intrinsically that adding leisure is necessary and he will drop many other things to play his guitar, while I will make sure the dishes are done, the bills are paid, and the house is straightened before I will think about what I can do for myself.   I know that I have forgotten the joys of letting an afternoon slip by because I was deeply engaged in imaginative play.  In my line of work, where writing is vital, I know that I would truly benefit from more imagination and less hours behind the computer screen.  I know that imagination sparks creativity, that it can sharpen problem solving skills, and also bring some stress relief to our busy lives.  I believe that having fun can also make us happier people.

So I begin my quest to explore play and learn more about incorporating it into my daily life. If you know of good resources for me to explore, let me know, and I will gladly share what I learn with all of you.  In the meantime, share with me your favorite ways to play. Every Friday, I will work (play) to bring you new ideas on how to add fun back into your life.  Just knowing that I am blogging about Fun Fridays is making me think of ways to play every day!

What is one thing you do for fun?  How do you play?

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  1. I love it Jan. Today I was thinking about how much I love play, which to me also means creativity. Anything creative feels like play. It was a good week for me as far as play, I started off Monday night making necklaces with a friend, then I got to paint with you on Wednesday! This weekend I’m taking an art class…ahhh creativity makes my heart sing.

    Looking forward to following your play-days and joining you for many of them.

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