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Self- Care First Aid

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Self Care
Creating a Self-Care First Aid Kit
taken from Cheryl Richardson’s
“The Art of Extreme Self-Care”

I know that when I hit my breaking point, I am not in my right mind to think about how I am going to move through the current situation. That is why Cheryl Richardson suggests creating a First Aid List for Self Care, so that you can turn to it when you really need help creating balance again.  Here are the questions to ask yourself.  Write your answers in short hand on a 3×5 card to stick on your fridge so that you can access it when you are in a pinch.

1)  Who can I turn to for support when I am afraid? Who comforts me, makes me feel safe, and allows me to have my feelings?
2)  Who do I need to avoid because they add to my anxiety level?
3)  What does my body need to feel nurtured, strong and healthy?
4)  What responsibilities or commitments do I need to let go of so I am able to honor my needs?
5)  What unhelpful coping strategies or activities do I need to avoid?
6)  What spiritual practices restores my faith or connects me with God?
7)  What do I need to feel comforted at this time?
8)  How will I best express my feelings?  How can I be creative?
9)  What object can I use as a talisman that will remind me to breathe and return to the present moment?
10)  What can I do when I need to take  a break from the emotional stress?  What is my best healthy distraction?

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  1. Great post Jan. I feel we often forget in our state of emergency and desperation what we can do to get out of it and take care of ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to make me a priority.

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