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Your Voice, Given as a Gift in the Form of a Legacy Letter

Your Voice, Given As A Gift In The Form Of A Legacy Letter

“Story is the narrative thread of our experience-not what literally happens, but what we do with what happens, what we tell each other and what we remember.” Christina Baldwin

Long before Facebook and ipods, television and radio, there was only a kitchen table surrounded by family and a night of storytelling.  Young ones denied sleep just to hear the adult banter, the tales that were often exaggerated at each telling.  The stories told of relatives who had come before, stories of loss and death, stories of triumph and success.

These stories did more than pass a cold winter’s evening.  They created the framework that supported future generations yearning to discover life for themselves.  Armed with the good and bad, the strength and wisdom of the past, new generations remembered  they were connected to something much bigger than themselves, and made decisions that were shaped by their experience around the kitchen table.

Stories still warm us on those nights when we feel far from the kitchen table of our youth. There is some comfort in knowing that you are not the first of your family to struggle, to succeed, to overcome adversity.   Stories connect us to the whole of humanity because story and storytelling is in our ancestral blood. Story makes us who we are.

No life is so ordinary that it is not worthy of recording. Sometimes, the reflection and writing one does on their own story provides the healing not only of their own soul, but the integration of lessons learned from past generations, a gift to those yet to come.

What stories about your own life are a song waiting to to be shared around a kitchen table?

We believe that story helps us heal ourselves are we reconcile the past, story leaves a path for family and friends who want to learn about their ancestors, and story leaves a path for those who want to learn the lessons of a time gone by to carry those lessons into the future. Whatever your reason for sharing your story, please join us for a night of recording your wisdom.

Please join us Friday, April 26th for a legacy writing event.  Click here for more details.


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