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She is On Her Way

She is much braver than me.

I am reminded of the story of  Tony’s great grandmother who at the age of 16, took her older sister’s ticket to board a ship to America when her sister chickened out.  With nothing but the clothes on her back, she hopped on a ship bound for a new life.

Although my daughter is not leaving us, she is out for an adventure of a lifetime.  This will be one of those times she will look back on in her life and be glad that she had the courage to travel abroad.  Maybe it doesn’t take that much courage.  Yet I look back at my own life at the age of 20 and I wonder if I would have been so excited about leaving home and heading out for adventure.  I think I was too much of a homebody.   Or maybe  I am looking at the situation too much from a mother’s eyes and I cannot separate who I was then from who I am today.  As a mother, I find the whole prospect of my daughter being so far away a little daunting.  Yet at the same time, my heart is  full of joy for her and this adventure because I know that it will change how she looks at the world.

She will blog about the people she meets and the food she eats and the places she sees.  Not only will she be changed by her experiences, she will hopefully open our eyes to other cultures and ideas.

She is headed to Greece first.  As we were reading the guide books, we were surprised to see that it is perfectly acceptable to walk into a restaurant’s kitchen and ask for a taste test of everything on the stove.  Then you can just point at what you want.   What a concept that would be incredibly inappropriate here in the states.  This is just one of the many things I look forward to hearing about.

So she is out of the reach of my protective arms once again, but into the great vastness of the world where she will meet people who are kind  and who smile with their eyes just like her.  And I know that she will be taken care of.  Even so, I appreciate you sending your love her way, and thinking of her every now and then.  A little more love following her can’t hurt!

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  1. WOW! How exciting Jan that your daughter is venturing in Greece …. maybe a bit nerve racking .. but u can always turn that nervousnous into EXCITEMENT. If you have a camera on your computer and she does as feel, you can see each other using Skype (all free). I checked out her blog and look fwd to seeing her updates! My hubby and I plan to visit Greece in the next few years. I don’t think I would walk into the kitchen and do the taste test … do it sounds like a wonderful concept … hmmm, wouldn’t it get crowded back there?!! 🙂 And remember .. you are having your own venture at home …. every day is a beautiful new venture in life! Shine on!

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