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She Moved Mountains

Faith is the courageous confidence that trusts in the Source of all gifts.

David Steindl-Rast

I just bought my domain name for my book title:  She Moved Mountains.  She is Faith personified, and She shows up on the pages of my book,  and I tell the story of her companionship with me, helping me through a difficult time in my life.   When I saw this quote today, I realized that it was another message that I am on the right track, focusing on creating my book so that others can benefit from what I learned.

One of the things Faith taught me was that there is gift in every situation.  When I think back to the times during my illness when I was at the lowest points, I can also see some shining moment that allowed me to move through the pain and grief.  Faith showed up with some message, usually a person who brought me a smile or encouragement.  It was these small reminders that gave me the courage to keep on working toward health, even though it would have been easy to give up and stop trying.

Now as I am writing about my illness, it is easy to get lost in the details and wonder how it will ever come together.  I have so much information and don’t always know how to get it on paper.  And here is where Faith comes in.  When I take the time to connect to my Inner Source, I easily find a path to writing what is good and true.  I have Faith that all will be well, and that my story will reveal itself to me in the right time. I am excited when the paragraphs turn into something that I know will touch my readers. The few people who know my story and have read my chapters keep asking for more.  And I know that Faith will continue to walk with me, and get this book into print in the next year.  And what a gift that will be!

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