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So Much to Celebrate in Life!

So Much To Celebrate In Life!
Celebration Jar

Celebration Jar

The more you praise and celebrate your life,

the more there is in life to celebrate!   Oprah Winfrey

At the beginning of the year, my friend, Andrea Costantine, gifted me with a celebration jar.  This is a jar for me to remember all of my accomplishments, my dreams and wishes for the future, and the things I want to manifest in my life, like more joy!  Since January, I have been filling the jar with slips of paper, reminding me that I published my first video blog, created an intro to the video blog, coached clients, shared a day with my daughter, spent time creating, etc.

Because of Andrea’s gift, I now have an amazing way to pay it forward.  In fact, I have   given out five of these jars myself – I have created self care baskets with candles, my  Moving Mountains book and the Speaking Your Truth book, the Celebration Jar and a certificate for coaching.  I have fun creating the jars, choosing different shapes and making the paper slips colorful and inviting.

Yesterday, I gave a jar to my friend Mary who is visiting from Iowa.  Now she will have a reminder not only for some self- celebration, but also a visible sign that someone in Colorado loves her.

You can easily make a jar yourself.  I like to write the Oprah quote on the jar, but you can stick it inside too. As you share this gift with someone else, you are celebrating your connection in the world.  I wonder how many jars I will give out this year?  And it all started with one.  That is how joy and love starts too.  One person sharing the gift  of love.  How can you celebrate today?

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  1. Recounting what I have celebrated helps me stay focused on all the good in my life, especially when Perfect Petunia shows up and tells me I am mot moving fast enough. It is all good, it is all in right timing!

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