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Soccer Season Comes to an End

It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk around the neighborhood park.  It is the last week of soccer season, which means the last game for my daughter is on Saturday.  She doesn’t play soccer for her high school, so she will be grieving the loss of such an amazing part of her life.  Tony will also be grieving.  He coached Becca’s team for 13 years, and then took over Sarah’s team.  Soccer has been his afternoon and weekend hobby for as long as we can remember.

On one side of the park, little  7 year old girls in pink t-shirts and pigtails were playing their white counterparts in a make-up game.  On the other field, sporting odd outfits and mismatched pony tails and shin guards on the outside of socks, were Tony’s girls, mostly high school seniors, who are laughing their way through practice.

As we all learn to find new ways to spend our time on weekends, I can’t help but think of the times in our lives when we  let go of an activity at the end of a season- a season  dictated by weather,  age, or any of life’s transitions. So maybe soccer won’t be the way we choose to fill our Saturdays anymore, but there will be something new to challenge us, and hopefully help us to laugh and find joy in life.  I may have left childhood a long time ago, but the crunching of fall leaves under my feet still makes me want to dance and giggle!

We tell the story of one dad who, at the end of a soccer season, told Tony “Thanks for all you do.” And he didn’t mean just soccer. He meant thanks for all the lessons of life learned on a soccer field, especially the ones that remind you to keep growing!

What activities have come to an end for you in this season of life?  What did you learn from your experiences with this activity?  What is something new you can learn?  Maybe something you have always wanted to do but never had the time?  There is no time like the present!






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  1. The first of many “lasts” that I hope you can enjoy. They are bittersweet, but give way to new experiences and joys. Try to enjoy all these moments this year as they fly by so quickly.

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