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Speaking Your Truth Book

I am so grateful to be a part of the Speaking Your Truth book, that will be released August 25.

To learn more about the book, visit Speaking Your Truth

So what does it mean to Speak Your Truth?

It means embracing the person you are and letting the world know that who you are is good enough.

It means finding your voice and telling others your story and allowing the telling to bring healing to your life.

It means standing up for yourself and giving yourself permission to grief and then let go of a not so perfect past.

It means gathering the strength within you to take the next step into a brighter future.

This book compiles the stories of 49 women who have faced obstacles, overcome adversity, embraced their own truth, and are now walking a path of  healing and wholeness.  Imagine how reading their stories might inspire you to find your own truth and begin to live it.   Andrea Constantine and Lisa Schultz have partnered together on this project and there are plans for future books.  Maybe your story will be in the next edition!

Be sure to visit the website, and on August 25th, please support all of us by going to and purchasing the book.  The life you change won’t just be your own.

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