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Speaking Your Truth Launch

The countdown has begun.  We are just days away from the launch of the Speaking Your Truth book, a collection of women’s stories about overcoming adversity.
It has been an exciting journey to be a part of this book.  It is fun to be with other writers, sharing our experiences.  It is amazing to read about the strength and determination of women to make something good happen in their lives.  And I look with awe at my own story of overcoming illness. You will have to get the book and read “The Bedpan” to learn more.
Please help 49 women make the best seller status by purchasing a copy of Speaking Your Truth on August 25th from Amazon. If you buy one for yourself and one as a gift, you will receive free shipping.  Please forward this email to anyone who you think would enjoy the book.
I greatly appreciate your support!  Because of this book, I am now writing my own book about my illness.  It is a challenging journey, remembering the difficult year when I spent so many months in the hospital, but in the looking, I am finding many moments of grace that kept me going.  I hope that you too, will find strength in our stories, and have the courage to face whatever challenges lie in front of you!

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