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Spring is Here!

An evening walk through the park yesterday reminded me that indeed, spring is here, and not just witnessed in the flowering trees showing off their white and pink blossoms.  Along with the tulips and daffodils, love and friendship and happiness was in the air!

Babies and toddlers were enjoying the playground, their laughter ringing through the trees.  On the blacktop, a pick-up game of basketball sent the balls flying through the hoops.  A little further down the path, a couple of families were playing flag football after their picnic dinner, right next to the South American game of soccer.

Even the dogs were enjoying the outdoors, one chasing a stick until it got stuck in a tree, and another running off, thinking it was more fun to romp through the grass than to return the frisbee to its owner.

People running, sitting, walking, talking, laughing, enjoying the beautiful spring day.   If you looked close enough, you could see harmony in the way the space was used, enough room for all of us to enjoy the day together.  I love sharing smiles with others, a gift to remind us that we aren’t so different after all.

There is a wonderful idea that we all may feel like we are on separate islands, living our lives day to day.  The reality is that underneath the water level, all the islands are connected and we really do belong to and have the responsibility to care for one another. We all bring different gifts to the world( thank God!)  and when we treat each other with the wonder and awe in which we were created, we can live in harmony.

Spring is definitely in the air, and in my heart.  And on a Sunday in the park, I witnessed a slice of humanity that made me smile and made me aware of how good life is!

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  1. I love life. I say it over and over again…

    Jan, thank you for putting such lovely, down-to-earth words to what we oughta be mindful of every moment, whether we’re experiencing it in the now or experiencing it as memory. Even in the silence of our early, holy darkness mornings and our before-sleep nights…



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