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Staying in Rhythm

Even though I am at home in front of my computer, I am still sitting on the coast of Maine, watching my family throw skippers into the sea, and soaking in the waves.  I am walking a stone barrier to a light house.  I am climbing 1300 feet to see a spectacular view. I am celebrating a friends journey into marriage by connecting her to a circle of women that love her.  And I am watching Rob wait patiently at the altar as Emily gets out of the limo at the end of a long path to the church.  After such high moments, it is hard to come back to the regular part of my life.

But if I can learn anything from the sea, it is that everything cycles.  There is always flow, times when everything seems right in the world, and there is ebb, when it is hard to make anything out of the stillness. There are times of celebration, and times of dying to our old ways of being.  There is a time to sit and do nothing, and a time of work.  My job this week will be to remain on tide time, being aware that I cannot work all the time, nor can I play all the time.  Everything must be in balance.

And there is also a time of letting go, of knowing that what is done is enough, and it is ok to move on to the next project, or even the next blog post.  Wherever you are at today, trust that you are in the right place and the right time, and it is just fine to be in the flow of the day and enjoy wherever that flow may take you!

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