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Contentment Can’t be Bought

  • March 18, 2011

"Life, we think, is simply a series of tasks to perform, a list of things to do: get the job, buy the house, finish the degree, have the children, do the work. It takes years to figure out, if we…

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Unspoken Prayer

  • February 3, 2011

It has been an interesting week for me, feeling a little overwhelmed with book writing, job hunting, and keeping my balance.  I wrote this poem back in December and now have it as part of my book.  She Moved Mountains…

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What is Your Mack Truck Experience?

  • January 28, 2011

As I was getting lost in the world of Twitter this morning, and clicking over to websites to meet new people, I remembered a conversation I had with my friend Jay Heinlein.  We were talking about my own memoir called…

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