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TGIF- Celebrating the Dance of Life

TGIF- Celebrating The Dance Of Life

I TRUST  that spring will show itself soon as it ripens under melting layers of snow. I trust in the goodness of people, even when a few are so lost in the darkness of fear and hatred.

I am GRATEFUL for the softening of myself when I move from self- criticism to self- compassion.  It is this constant movement, this dance from darkness to light, from past to present, from future to now, that moves through my life, connecting me to all humanity.

I am INSPIRED by others who struggle and yet are walking this same/different journey to Whole-Heartedness. I am inspired by the commitment of first responders, who keep their cool in the midst of death and pain.

When I look with eyes of love, I FIND God showing up in the most surprising ways- in another’s tears, in a song, in the writing of a poem, in  healing from a friend, in a cup of hot tea.  When I open myself up to Divine Love, I am moved by the ordinary experiences of my life.

What is your TGIF?

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