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TGIF- Sharing our Gifts

TGIF- Sharing Our Gifts



Today, I am thankful for a week of recognizing where I am on my journey, celebrating my accomplishments, knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I am grateful for sharing my gifts via presentations to high school students and engaged couples-  I have  life experiences and stories to share that can make a difference.  I am excited about speaking to many more groups.

I am inspired by the way God shows up in a song, the voice of a friend, a passage from a book.  If we open our eyes and ears to the Divine, we remember that we are never alone.

Friends and family have surrounded me this week.  I am honored to be sharing my life with my best friend Tony, and presenting with him reminds me of the deep love we share.  I also loved spending time with  girlfriends.  Everyone has struggles- the end of  a relationship, the challenges of raising children, preparing for young adults to leave for college, concerns about health, etc.  In our sharing of tears and joys, our bonds of friendship are renewed, and we vow to continue reaching out to one another.  Our friends give us the space we need to walk through the darkness, and offer hope of the light to come.

What is your TGIF?


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