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TGIF- The Power of a Circle of Acceptance


Today, I am THANKFUL for the GIFT of women, who INSPIRE me with their vulnerability, their willingness to share in a sacred circle in order to be more fully present, more in touch with who they are, and the Divine gifts they each possess.  I am looking forward to growing in FRIENDSHIP in my new circle of women.

We all need spaces where we are loved no matter who we are or what we say.  I am  fortunate in my life to have been a part of many circles of women who have helped me to grow and celebrate who I am.  I realize that in some small way, I am called to do that now through my blog.  Even though it won’t be a small circle, and we are much more vulnerable commenting on a blog post than we are in a small group, I still think there is great value in connecting in whatever way we can.  All of life is sacred, if we treat it as such.  And if you happen to be a man reading my blog, please join the conversation too. We need to bring balance back into the world between masculine and feminine energies.

I encourage you to join the circle by responding to my blog posts, and the TGIF posts are the easiest way to start.  Pick words for the letters T,G, I and F if you wish, and share what has happened to you this week.  With all of our voices, we can increase the positive energy on our planet, and begin making a difference for others in our lives.  Thank you for joining me!

What is your TGIF?

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